Assistant Professor Kevin Hamed’s Research is Published

The rare Wellers Salamander is among the species included in the study.
The rare Wellers Salamander is among the species included in the study.

If you’re interested in amphibian diseases – the Ranavirus in Plethdontid Salamanders within the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, to be exact – you’ll certainly want to pick up the latest copy of Herpetological Review and read the compelling article by VHCC Assistant Professor Kevin Hamed.

Kevin’s research was partially funded through a grant with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and is the first to officially document ranavirus in salamanders from the Mount Rogers area. According to the article, that’s important because “disease emergence could have devastating impacts on community structure and ecosystem function.” Wow!

The article may be a little too technical  for most of us, but it’s exciting to note that Kevin’s ongoing research has examined at least 15 species of plethodontid salamanders living on Whitetop Mountain and has contributed to scientific discovery in the exciting world of amphibians. Congratulations to Kevin and his entire research team.



  1. Ron says:

    Outstanding work and VHCC is proud Kevin is one of our great faculty!

  2. Michael McBride says:

    Great job, Kevin. We are proud to be your colleagues…our students are definitely priveledged to be working with you.

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