Plant Life of Virginia Students Travel to Botanical Gardens

plantlifeStudents enrolled in the new Plant Life of Virginia course, BIO-215 taught by Associate Professor Kevin Hamed, visited the University of North Carolina-Asheville Botanical Gardens on Friday.

The gardens house over 650 species of plants and the majority are native to the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Students were able to practice their identification skills and see many plants that would normally require visiting numerous sites throughout the area.

Students also had the opportunity to visit Carolina Natives Nursery where the owner, Bill Jones, provided a tour. Bill stressed the value of a community college education and suggested that students take as many classes outside of biology and horticulture as possible. He highly recommended accounting and business courses. His business is the largest producer of native, captive grown azaleas in the Southern Appalachians.

To learn more about the course and when it will be offered again, contact or (276) 739-2431.