Career Development Center Prepares Students for Workplace

(Left) Students used Jenga blocks to explore the importance of teamwork and a well-developed plan before beginning a project. (Right) An etiquette luncheon allowed students to practice skills needed during a professional lunch meeting.

A five-part series designed to prepare students for life after college continued Wednesday with an etiquette luncheon that included a four-course meal and a lesson on proper table manners.

“Always pass to the right,” Career Development Center Coordinator Mark Wildman reminded students.”Wait until everyone has been served before you begin eating.”

The series – entitled “Understanding the Possibilities: An Employability Series”  –  began in February and has included sessions to sharpen skills needed for effective critical thinking, communication, management and teamwork. The series will end on April 21 with “How to Survive the Future,” a 2 p.m. session dedicated to helping participants understand the economic and business world we live in.

For additional information about the Employability Series and other services offered by the Career Development Center, please contact Mark Wildman at 739-2579 or